Coronavirus Communication
As the state of affairs with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and associates is our top priority. We understand these times can be challenging, and we are here to support your needs and provide assistance. Our Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives are only a phone call or email away.

Here at JJ McDonnell, we continue to adapt to the changing landscape and have made the additional changes in order to ensure a safe environment:

  • Employees are required to stay home if they are sick with a cold, fever, flu, etc.
  • Employees who are able, are working remotely.
  • Additional driver protocol has been implemented for safety.
  • Delivery routes/windows may adjust in the future.
  • For customers who visit us onsite, we are limiting visitors to our cash customers waiting area.
  • When placing orders please take the time to make sure you order everything you need the day prior to shipment. Recovery deliveries will be a challenge.
  • Supplies may be limited and we ask that you exercise flexibility in your choices to avoid shortages.
  • Please check all orders at time of delivery to be sure your order is accurate. Our goal is to minimize all returns.
  • Please communicate any changes in hours or anything else that may affect our ability to service you.

We are confident that we are taking the appropriate steps to keep our employees, customers, and site safe. We will always put our employees and customer first and provide superior products. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your business needs each day and look forward to our continued partnership as we weather the storm together.


Precautions J.J. McDonnell is Taking for Our Customers
It is difficult to turn on the news or browse the internet without seeing stories and cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The past few weeks have changed the tempo in the United States with the first cases appearing in Wisconsin on February 5th. Fast forward a little over a month and as of yesterday there are 702 reported cases in the states. We have been warned that this number will only increase in the coming weeks.

J.J. McDonnell takes pride and honor in your trusting us to be your seafood provider. As you know, we uphold ourselves to the strictest of quality assurance standards with our BRC Certification and we are continually taking all necessary measures to provide the best product for our customers.

In addition to our standard QA practices we have also taken extra precaution for the health and safety of both our customers and employees. The following are action plans which have gone into effect at J.J. McDonnell to add an extra level of security and comfort to those in our building.

  • Daily meetings with department leaders to continuously communicate updates on COVID-19 and J.J. McDonnell’s action plan in response to changes and issuing company wide communication regarding action plans and changes.
  • Scheduling and performing group training sessions for all employees about COVID-19, symptoms, prevention in English and Spanish; posting informational posters and guides from CDC website around facility.
  • Suspended unnecessary business travel to avoid group exposure.
  • Increased sanitizing efforts; hand sanitizer pumps throughout facility, disinfecting wipes distributed for daily cleaning of workstations and routine sanitizing of bathrooms and doorknobs.

Currently, we do not foresee any major disruptions in business. There is no evidence that fresh or frozen seafood products can transmit the virus. We will keep our customers abreast of any necessary changes