J.J. McDonnell is proud to introduce the only Local, Land Raised Atlantic Salmon available in the region ... Spring Hill Salmon! We have partnered with the Freshwater Institute and Albion Fisheries to distribute this sustainably produced, cutting edge product.

The Freshwater Institute, a program of The Conservation Fund, is located in Sheperdstown, West Virginia. They combine applied research, engineering and economic development skills to show how freshwater resources achieve economic and environmental goals. They work with government, industry, nonprofits and individuals to shape sustainable, environmentally responsible solutions to water resource management. For more than two decades, they have been one of the nation’s premier research and development facilities dedicated to sustainable water use and reuse.

In 2011 two conservation organizations, The Conservation Fund (TCF) and the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF), came to an understanding. Together they recognized that a viable alternative to net-pen salmon farming had to be developed in order to turn the tide of open ocean expansion.  They put their resources together and have now produced thousands of pounds of premium quality farmed Atlantic salmon in freshwater, land-based, recirculation aquaculture systems located in West Virginia. Freshwater Institute and its partners are proving that smart technology can now meet the ever increasing demand for high-quality - Local! - seafood and its health benefits, all while remaining committed to conservation and sustainability principles. 

J.J. McDonnell has the privilege to bring you this amazing product for 8-10 weeks of the year. During this 8-10 week period the fish reach maturity and are ready to be harvested and brought to market. Because this is a research operation the volume of product produced here doesn’t allow for year round availability. However, the groundwork that is being laid by TCF and ASF will provide the framework for future large scale operations that will shape the farming industry for decades to come.

Truly Local (West Virginia), Sustainable, Responsibly Sourced Land Raised Atlantic Salmon

Available for 8-10 weeks (Around the months of March, April & May)

You can’t find a fresher Atlantic Salmon than this. From the water to our dock in less than 24 hours!

Sizing: 9+ Pounds

Visit these websites for more information:

The Conservation Fund

Freshwater Institute

Atlantic Salmon Federation