J.J. McDonnell is proud to carry and bring to our market this wonderfully organic raised Atlantic Salmon produced by Vikenco (Owned by SalMar) in Norway. We are excited to be able to offer this product 52 Weeks of the Year! Yup, year round!




Vikenco is located in Norway's Romsdal region, in the northern part of western Norway. In 2013 Vikenco was the first and only Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) Certified plant in Norway, leading the charge for responsible practices. Vikenco is a fully integrated salmon producers and part of SalMar, one of the world's largest salmon producers.

What is Organic Salmon

For the salmon to be classified as organic it must be farmed to the EU organic regulations and audited by DEBIO.

The Main Criteria for SalMar Organic Salmon Are:
  • The density in the pen is not allowed to be more than 10 kg/m3
  • The organic salmon is fed with maritime feed, made from off cuts from fish- it’s an absolute demand that the fish used in the feed derives from sustainable fisheries (MSC-certified fisheries)
  • The pigmentation used is Panaferd which is a natural colorant.
    This gives the Salmon the same natural color as wild salmon.
  • SalMar is using cleaner-fish to help keep the salmon free of sea lice.
  • The nets are not treated with anti-fouling which contains copper. This will have less impact on the environment
  • If fish have to be treated by medications, the withdrawal period is twice as long as conventional salmon
  • The MOM (environmental surveillance) is an important factor in the DEBIO audits. The sites used for organic farming shall be fallowed minimum 4 months after the site is empty- compared to 2 months for the conventional sites 
  • The entire process is verified throughout the chain – and it is regularly inspected by the certification body. Minimum yearly inspections and control of protocols for fish husbandry, fish farming procedures, feed, harvesting, processing and sales.
  • The certification process for Organic farming in Norway is delegated to “Debio” by the Norwegian Food Authority. SalMar Farming has a certified organic production according to the “Debio” Standard for aquaculture of atlantic salmon, and this standard is also covering the EU regulations for farming of organic salmon.

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