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This Weeks Feature

Mahi Mahi

A fast growing, surface-dwelling pelagic, also known as Dorado, or Dolphinfish (unrelated to actual dolphins), these fish prefer subtropical waters worldwide and are currently being caught for you in Pacific waters off of Ecuador and Guatemala, landed in Jaramija & Manta, Ecuador or San Jose, Guatemala.

Ecuadorians prefer dayboat harvesting of Mahi, using small artisanal skiff or panga fleets, where each boat has 2-4 crew members aboard. The shorter day trips ensure the fish caught will return to port within 24-48 hours, when they are still at the height of freshness. These shorter trips enable the fishermen to maintain the quality of the fish, which ultimately results in preserved color and texture.

Mahi has a pink flesh that cooks up white, firm, with large flakes. The flavor profile is mild, slightly sweet and is served best grilled, sautéed, or baked. (It is most recommended to remove it’s tough, thick skin before preparing). Most popular applications are pairing the fish with bright, citrus notes, blackened, and into tacos with sweet/hot elements.

Product of Ecuador



Jumbo Lump Crabmeat

Product of Columbia
Pasteurized, Crab Pot caught, Blue crab



Claw Crabmeat

Product of Columbia
Pasteurized, Crab Pot caught, Blue crab



Breaded Shrimp

Product of China
Popcorn style, 2/3# case



Black Tiger Shrimp

Product of Vietnam
8/12, Shell on, 6/4# block



Whaleback Oysters

Product of South Bristol, ME
Whalebacks are a fabulous briny oyster with a sweet creamy finish. Raised in Great Salt Bay on the Damariscotta River as pups, they are finished in South Bristol, ME where their complexity develops. Maine oysters, as rare as they are down our way, are worth the spend!



EZ Peel Shrimp

Product of Indonesia
8/12, IQF, 10/2# case