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This Weeks Feature Vendor

Tom’s Cove

Our final vendor we want to highlight is Tom’s Cove! Tom’s Cove is our source for Chincoteague Salt oysters and hard-shell Virginia clams. The ocean-fed waters surrounding Chincoteague Island, VA are world renowned for their crisp salt and ideal growing conditions. Their oysters are carefully grown in "off-bottom culture systems, ensuring a clean, uniform product. These oysters are cultured in areas that offer optimum growth, yielding a firm meat product. Since they are hand raised in suspended nets, they are free of sand and silt. Tom’s has been raising hard clams since 1994. Their clam operation is in a natural cove that receives a twice daily tidal flow from the Atlantic Ocean. These clams are clean, sand and silt free, sweet, and salty. Clams are often overlooked, but not to be missed on your holiday menus this season.


Pacifico Striped Bass

Product of Baja California, MEX
The world’s only true farm-raised striped bass. Fresh, never frozen 8-12 oz fillets. For more information visit www.pacificoaquaculture.com.



Rose Cove Oysters

Product of Rose Cove, NJ
The briniest of our NJ oysters, the Rose Cove oyster from Barnegat Oyster Collective is a marriage of salty and sweet.



Quonset Point Oysters

Product of East Passage, Narragansett, RI
Perfectly balanced, full meats encased in sturdy, whimsical, purple & white shells. Clean and complex.




Product of USA



SHR 16-20 P&D T/OF IQF 4/5#

Product of USA



Ocean Perch, Frozen Fillet, IVP

Product of Iceland
Trawl caught, 6oz+ fillet, 2lb pack





TUNA #2 CUBE 10/1#, IVP

Product of Indonesia





Local Black Angus Beef Boxes
*Allow 2 day order lead time


Butchers Box 1


New York Strip, 14oz, 8 each
Sirloin Fillet, 16oz, 8 each



Premium Box 2


Filet Mignon, 8oz, 4 each
Sirloin Fillet, 16oz, 4 each
New York Strip Fillet, 14oz, 4 each
Ribeye Fillet, 16oz, 4 each
Ground Beef, 1lb, 2 each



Farmhouse Box 3


Porterhouse, 16oz, 4 each
T Bone Fillet, 16oz, 4 each
Ground Beef, 1lb, 3 each



Savory Sampler
Box 4


New York Strip, 14oz, 2 each
Center Cut Pork Chops, 6 each
Boneless Chicken Breasts, 2 each
Whole Chicken, 1 each
Rack of Spare Ribs, 1 each
Bacon, 1lb, 1 each
Ground Beef Chuck 80/20, 1lb, 1 each



Budget Pleaser
Box 5


New York Strip, 14 oz, 2 each
Cube Steaks, 8 each
Rump/Sirloin Tip Roast, 3lb, 1 each
Center Cut Pork Chops, 8 each
Chicken Leg Quarters, 8 each
Whole Chicken, 1 each
Stew Beef Cubes, 2lb, 1 each
Bacon, 1lb, 1 each
Ground Beef Chuck 80/20, 1lb, 3 each



High Roller
Box 6


Ribeye 1.5+” thick, 20 oz, 3 each
New York Strip 1.5+” thick, 18 oz, 3 each
Ground Beef Chuck 80/20, 1lb, 3 each