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Brown Shrimp, Shell On
Frozen – Block*

10x5# Case
Gulf of Mexico, USA

21/25, (TP2125), $6.20/lb
36/40, (TP3640), $4.60/lb
40/50, (TP4050), $4.00/lb

*IQF available for additional $0.25/lb

Shrimp, PUD
Frozen – Block

10x5# Case
Gulf of Mexico, USA

40/50, $4.55/lb

Shrimp, P&D
Frozen – IQF

6x3# Case
Gulf of Mexico, USA

16/20, $7.75/lb

Shrimp, Shell On
Fresh – Chemical Free

Sold by the Pound
North Carolina

(21/30), $8.25/lb

Live Lobster

Maine, Lobster pot, 1.25lb lobster


Jumbo Lump
Crab Meat

North Carolina,
Pasteurized, Crab Pot caught


Lump Crab Meat

North Carolina
Pasteurized, Crab Pot caught


Black Grouper

Gulf of Mexico
Fillet, Hook & Line caught


Smoked Salmon

4 oz.


Baby Octopus – Frozen

16-20 oz.


Salmon - Frozen

Fillet, Skin-On, 1-2lb side