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USA Wild Caught Shrimp Gulf Shrimp

Shell On Brown (BLOCK) - 10x5# case

31/35 Item # TP3135 Price: $5.89/lb
21/25 Item # TP2125 Price: $6.80/lb
16/20 Item # TP1620 Price: $7.29/lb
10/15 Item # TP1015 Price: $10.43/lb

*Available in IQF, add’l $.25/lb. 4x5# case



Peeled & Undeveined (BLOCK)
10x5# case 40/50


Peeled & Deveined Tail Off (BLOCK)
4x5# case 26/30


Peeled & Deveined Tail Off (IQF)
4x5# case
21/25    (RIQ212)   Price: $10.09/lb
16/20    (RIQ162)   Price: $11.04/lb


Peeled & Deveined Tail On (IQF)
4x5# case 16/20


*All Shrimp pricing effective Monday 9/30 through Monday 10/7


Wagon Hill Oyster

Product of New Hampshire



Rainbow Trout

Product of the USA
7/9 oz, Butterfly back out



Little Grizzly

Product of New Hampshire