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Wahoo tend to stick to close knit groups of only two to three fish, but can be found in large schools up to 100 fish. Found in the tropical and subtropical waters and caught via long line. Their diet is comprised mainly of native fish, and squid. With its delicate to dense, white/light grey flesh Wahoo is favored in many culinary applications. With a taste similar to Mackerel, this high quality fish is often priced at a premium.

Product of Suriname

While Inventory Lasts!



Product of the East Coast
Fillet, Large



Black Bass

Product of Hampton, VA
Fillet, Large




Product of Narragansett, RI
Whole, Larg



Squid (R&T)

Product of Narragansett, RI
90/10, Cleaned, Trawl caught



Bill & Stanley Oyster

Product of Whitehead, NS
A pop of salt from the North Atlantic! Smooth, salty, savory, and sweet meats in clean, solid, choice shells.



Bay Scallop

Product of Peru
40/60, Dry, Trawl caught



Broken Scallops

Product of New Bedford
Dry, Large, Trawl caught



Tuna Cubes

Product of Indonesia
2” Cubes, Frozen, 10/1# case




Product of Indonesia
40/50, EZ Peel, IQF, 10/2# case



White Shrimp

Product of Ecuador
21/25, Head off, Shell On, Farmed, 10/5# block



Ocean Perch

Product of Iceland
4-6oz Fillets, IVP, Dutch seine net caught, 2lb bags




Product of Iceland
12-24oz Skinless Fillet, IVP, Dutch seine net caught