Caviar & Smoked Fish

Golden Dynasty Imerial Osetra - (CAVOKI)
This impressive caviar is the product of farm-raised Russian Sturgeon from the pristine lakes throughout the mountainous regions of China. With bright golden to light amber gems this delicacy exudes an elegant, buttery flavor.

Lyna Polska Siberiana - (CAVLS1)
Farm raised in pristine cleanliness and thermal conditions create exceptial quality caviar. Chocolate brown to dark colored caviar with beautiful gems that excude a well balanced, buttery, taste of the sea flavor. $26.00/

Classic California White Sturgeon - (CAVC01)
This farm-raised sturgeon is highly regarded for its sustainable caviar produced with platinum to brown hues and generously sized pearls. Fresh flavor and clean on the palate complemented by a creamy, lingering finish.

Cru Dynasty Royal Amber Kaluga Hybrid - (CAVD01)
With its generously sized grains and chocolate brown to dark amber color, Kaluga Hybrid is a great for the price. A hybrid of Amur River sturgeons Kaluga and Schrenke produces a caviar with delicate, buttery flavor with a briny finish.

American Hackleback Sturgeon - (CAVH01)
Most popular domestic sturgeon caviar and the only commercially fished sturgeon in the United States, this is the last American Wild caviar. The caviar is small, dark, firm and has a very mild, subtle flavor.

Rainbow Trout - (CAVGT3)
From the finest farm-raised European rainbow trout, this roe produces a pristine caviar with a mild and delicate flavor. The vibrant orange, medium size grains exude a crisp, briny tang.

* All caviar in 1oz size

Kendall Brook Salmon

  • Gourmet smoked salmon
  • Hand trimmed
  • No brown meat
  • Fat removed

Skin On Side | SMKB01

Spruce Point Salmon

  • Lightly trimmed
  • Exceptional value

Frozen Side | SMSPF1
Pastrami 4oz | SMSPLF4

Rainbow Trout

  • Lightly trimmed
  • 2-3 fillets per package

Smoked Fillet 8oz | SMTF08