J.J. McDonnell is a proud partner of the Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) and an active participant in the Shell Recycling Alliance (SRA).

The ORP is a non-profit organization based in Annapolis, Maryland. ORP actively promotes, supports and restores oysters for ecologic and economic purposes. Nearly 20 years ago, the Oyster Recovery Partnership was commissioned as a cooperative coalition of multiple partners that contribute to a large-scale restoration program to plant disease-free oysters back into the Chesapeake Bay. As a result of this successful partnership, nearly 4 billion oysters have been planted on 1,500 acres of oyster reefs and nearly 30,000 bushels of shell have been recycled to provide homes for new oysters. As Maryland’s leading nonprofit restoring oysters in the Bay, the ORP also operates the region’s Shell Recycling Alliance, supports the state’s Marylanders Grow Oysters program and provides shellfish aquaculture and fishery support services.

The mission of the ORP is something everyone should sign on for:  

Restoring Our Oyster

Cleaning Our Bay

Preserving Our Future

 It didn’t take long for J.J. McDonnell to sign on and lead the charge with ORP and SRA. What is J.J. McDonnell’s role? We encourage all of our customers to become members of the Shell Recycling Alliance. Once you become an SRA member, we become the vehicle that gets your used oysters from your location and back to ours. Once the shells make it back to J.J. McDonnell, the SRA picks them up and takes them to their operation where the recycling process begins!

It is quite easy and an incredible way for you and your company to be involved with a great local restoration initiative.

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