Sea PactSea Pact is a group of leading North American Seafood Companies dedicated to driving stewardship and continuous improvement of social, economic and environmental responsibility throughout the global seafood supply chain. This unprecedented alliance is a first of its kind in the seafood industry. Sea Pact will improve the sustainability of global seafood by using the collective power of like-minded seafood companies to improve the fishing and fish farming systems we procure form. 

Sea Pact currently consists of ten like-minded, leading seafood distributors across North America:  Albion Farms & Fisheries (Vancouver), Euclid Fish Company (Cleveland), Fortune Fish & Gourmet (Chicago), Ipswich Shellfish Group (Boston), J.J. McDonnell (Baltimore), North Atlantic Inc. (Portland, Maine), Santa Monica Seafood (Los Angeles), Seacore Seafood (Toronto), Seattle Fish Co. (Denver) and Stavis Seafood (Boston).

We Agree as Sea Pact to Collectively:

  • Support a model of continuous improvement for fisheries and aquaculture farms.
  • Engage our peers and our supply chain in discussion and action around continuous improvement.
  • Publically state our goals for reaching more responsible seafood supply and monitor and measure our progress towards our goal.
  • Support each other’s efforts to educate our individual staff, customers and supply chain about our responsible seafood initiatives.
  • Utilize our collective purchasing power in a pre-competitive nature to engage in improvement efforts.
  • Financially contribute to continuous improvement of those fisheries and fish farming systems we procure from that meet our Project Selection Criteria.
  • Consider the impact on communities when making sourcing decisions.
  • Engage in and support policy and management reform that leads to positive environmental outcomes in fisheries and aquaculture management.

Sea Pact strives to advance environmentally sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices and provide the building blocks for a long term and sustainable seafood industry. To accomplish this, Sea Pact has pledged to financially contribute to selected projects that are aligned with Sea Pact’s mission. Current funded projects include:


Sea Pact works as an independent organization but works with and takes advise on a regular basis from the following organizations: FishWise, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), Ocean Outcomes and New Venture Fund (NFV).

Organizations that are seeking financial assistance for project aligned with Sea Pact’s mission, in the following categories, are encouraged to apply:

  • Gear or Farm Improvements
  • Species Research and Data Collection
  • Research to Improve Farming Practices
  • Fisheries Management
  • Regional Aquaculture Management
  • Fishery Habitat Restoration
  • Wild Stock Enhancement
  • Fisheries Conservation
  • Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs)
  • Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIPs)

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