J.J. McDonnell has been a member of Trace Register years now. Trace Register is a commitment we have made to our industry that enables us to bring our customers the most reliable and accessible information on the products we serve them.

Trace Register was founded in 2005 with a focus on building trust within the supply chain. The people at Trace Register acknowledged that there was a growing concern amongst consumers when it came to the seafood they bought and ate. It’s no surprise that consumers have big questions on their minds, especially when they read negative headlines about food safety, product authenticity and sustainability. Trace Register and J.J. McDonnell have set out to arm our consumers with information they can rely on.

The Trace Register system is a web-based, on-demand application that can be used by producers, buyers, marketers, and regulators alike. It functions as an independent, third-party “registry” into which product source and traceability information is entered, secured and shared among companies throughout the supply chain. It overlays the physical supply chain with an “information supply chain” that connects all trading partners. This requires buyers, marketers and regulators to share critical information throughout the entire supply chain, from company to company, and from source to sale.

What does that mean to our customer? Because we have partnered with Trace Register, we can supply you with accurate and authentic information about the product you purchased from us … with the click of a button. Whether it’s Farmed or Wild, we can bring you more information about the product then you thought possible: scientific name, product receiving temperatures, harvest method, production area, boat name, harvest date, AND MORE! This isn’t information created on the spot, this is verifiable information collected along each step of the supply chain… ‘From the Boat to your Plate’.

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