Due In

Here you will find a LIVE and CURRENT list of FRESH product due into J.J. McDonnell! This is not a list of our staple items; this is a list of items you might not normally think we had in stock!

Keep coming back and checking in often, the list will always be changing!

Please understand that quantities we bring in are not unlimited. Each sale is subject to current availability.

Due In

Posting Date: 21-Sep-2018

 Oysters (Many Varieties) - Due Daily, Refer to Our List

Wild Caught USA Shrimp Season is Upon Us!  
We are featuring premium selections from the Gulf of Mexico, and North Carolina.

Icelandic Cod Season is in Full Swing! 
Ask your sales rep about whole fish availability. 

Just Arrived

BlueFin Tuna - (Long Line) - Canada
Bluefish - (Hook & Line) - Massachusetts 
Black Grouper - (Hook & Line) - Ecuador
Bronzini -(Pen) - Turkey
Char - (Not Known) - Iceland
Cod (Head On/Whole) - Hook & Line - Iceland       
Croaker - (Net) - Maryland
Flounder - (Trawl) - Rhode Island
Fresh Crabmeat - (Pot) - MD, NC, Gulf
Halibut West Coast - (Long Line) - Alaska
Golden Tile - (Hook & Line) - Venezuela  
Mahi-Mahi - (Long Line) - Guatemala          
Monk - (Trawl) - Narragansett, RI, Portsmouth, NH 
Porgy - (Trawl) - Rhode Island 
Salmon Coho - (Net) - Alaska  
Snapper Lane - (Hook & Line) - Panama 
Snapper Yellow Tail - (Hook & Line) - Florida, USA    
Snapper Red 10+ (Hook & Line) - Venezuela 
Striped Bass / Hybrid Rock - (Farmed) - North Carolina
Wahoo -  (Troll) - Ecuador 
Walleye - (Gillnet) - Lake Erie, Canada
Wild Rockfish/Striped Bass - (Hook & Line) - USA
White Perch - (Gillnet) - Lake Erie, Canada      
Yellowfin & Big Eye Tuna - (Longline) - USA


Monk Liver - 48hr Pre-Order
Cheeks (Monk, Halibut & Skate) - 48hr Pre-Order
Live Sea Scallops - 48hr  Pre-Order

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