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Spotlight Oyster:  Whaleback Oysters (South Bristol, ME)

A true taste of the sea with deep cups of liquor, a strong, creamy brine, and very clean finish with just a hint of sweetness. A rare oyster to see outside of Maine; these are really a treat.

Skinny Dipper (St. Jerome's Creek, MD) - Soft Salt
Huckleberry (St. Jerome's Creek, MD) - Soft Salt
Local Wilds (Chesapeake Bay, MD/VA) - Soft Salt
James River (James River, VA) - Soft Salt
Harris Prime (Chesapeake Bay, MD) - Soft Salt
Twin Hook (Bradford Bay, VA) - Strong Salt 
Chincoteague (Chincoteague, VA) - Strong Salt
Choptank Sweet (Choptank River, MD) - Soft Salt


Delaware Bay (Delaware Bay, NJ) - Medium Salt
Blue Points (Long Island Sound, CT) - Medium/Strong Salt  Wellfleet Choice (Wellfleet Harbor, MA)- Strong Salt
Whaleback (South Bristol, ME) - Strong Salt


Salt Grass Point (Malpeque Bay, PEI) - Strong Salt
Malpeque  (Malpeque Bay, PEI) - Strong Salt
Raspberry Point  (New London Bay, PEI) - Strong Salt

THIS COLOR is a JJ Exclusive Oyster
THIS COLOR is a Wild Oyster



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Harris Fulls & Primes (Chesapeake Bay, MD) - Soft Salt

Select Variety (West Coast, PEI, & New England) - Call for availability