Keep it cold, keep it clean, keep it moving

  1. Buy only from reputable suppliers. 
  2. Practice stringent inspection, sanitation and refrigeration in your own operation. 
  3. Guard against crosscontamination of cooked product by exposure to raw fish, meat or poultry. 
  4. Understand causes of food poisoning and conditions under which food-poisoning bacteria grow. 
  5. Monitor the cleanliness of product, packaging, ice and delivery vehicle. 
  6. Check product temperature by inserting a probe into the thickest part of the product. 
  7. Check fish flesh for parasites. Many parasites are very diffi cult to see, including anisakis. Cooking to an internal temperature of 145ºF kills parasites, as does rapid freezing to minus 40ºF or freezing at 0ºF for 72 hours. 
  8. Visit your supplier’s operation to observe firsthand the storage, processing and sanitation practices. 
  9. Keep documentation on all products, so sources can be traced should food poisoning occur.