Seasonal Calendar

Thank you for checking out our Seasonal Calendar. We hope you find it useful! Please note that the filled in months represent the BEST availability for each wild species. For many of the species below, unmarked months will still produce fish but the availability will not be optimal or the species is primarily a bi-catch. Mother nature controls most of this, as we all know!

= Sustainably Caught Option!

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Blue Marlin         
Black Bass, Massachusetts                     
Black Bass, Rhode Island                  
Black Bass, Virginia                    
Black Cod (Sable)        
Black Drum                  
Cobia, Carolina                    
Cod, East Coast    
Cod, Norwegian                        
Cod, West Coast                       
Corvina (Golden)              
Corvina (Silver)                  
Crab, Maryland & Virginia            
Crab, Venezuela    
Crab, Dungeness                  
Escolar (Butterfish)        
Fluke, Carolina                           
Fluke, Massachusetts                  
Fluke, New Jersey                              
Fluke, Rhode Island                      
Fluke, Virginia                    
Tile (Grey)          
Tile (Golden)
Grouper, East Cosat Atlantic          
Grouper, Gulf of Mexico    
Hake (Silver Hake)
Halibut, East Coast  
Halibut, West Coast      
Hamachi (Yellow Tail)          
John Dory, Domestic                  
John Dory, New Zealand                        
Lobsters, Domestic                
Lobsters, Canadian                  
Loupe de Mer (Wolf Fish)        
Crawfish, Louisiana                     
Mahi (H&G), South America            
Mahi (Head On), Domestic                  
Mako Shark                        
Opah (Moon Fish)                    
Oysters, Canadian            
Oysters, Chesapeake          
Oysters, New England               
Redfish (Red Drum)                        
Razor Clams  
Ray Wings, Chesapeake              
Salmon (Chum/Keta), Canada                    
Salmon (Chum/Keta), West Coast                  
Salmon (Coho)                   
Salmon (Sockeye)                    
Salmon (Troll Kings)            
Salmon (H&G Net Kings)            
Sea Bass, Chilean
Sea Urchin (Live)              
Shad (Boned)                  
Shad (Roe)                  
Scallops (Diver), Sea, Mano de Leon            
Scallops, Nantucket Bays                  
Scallops, Sea, Chem Free Day Boat                    
Shrimp, Domestic Gulf                  
Shrimp, Key West 'Pinks'                    
Shrimp, Mexican Gulf                        
Shrimp, Carolina         
Skate Wings
Snapper (American Red & Caribbean)
Snapper (Lane)
Snapper (Yellow Tail)
Stone Bass (Wreckfish)      
Stone Crab Claws               
Striped Bass (Rockfish)      
Squid, Domestic               
Sword, Domestic (Hand Line)
Sword, Canadian (Harpoon)                 
Tautog (Black Fish)                        
Tuna (Yellowfin)
Tuna (Bluefin), Canadian                 
Turbot, Canadian                
White Bass              
White Fish  

Don't forget about the many Farmed Fish we have access to all year!

Baramundi, Bronzini, Black Bass, Catfish, Char, Cobias, Dorade, Halibut, Hamachi (Yellow Tail), Pompano, Red Drum (Redfish), Rock Fish (Striped Bass), Salmon (Atlantic, King, Pacific), Sturgeon, Tilapia, Trout (Rainbow, Steelhead, Tasmanian Ocean), Turbot ... and MORE!