Critical Temperature Phases

Cleaning Water
Above 180ºF
Point-of-contact water temperature for cleaning equipment, floors, walls, etc.

Danger Zone
40º to 140ºF
Bacteria grow rapidly. Foods should pass through the Danger Zone as rapidly as possible.

Critical Zone
40º to 100ºF
The growth range of most food-poisoning bacteria.

32º to 35ºF
Ideal for slow thawing to minimize drip loss and protect flavor, aroma and texture. Allow 24 to 36 hours, and let product drain.

Fresh Storage
30º to 40ºF
Food-spoilage-rate is minimized. (Note: for every 10°F rise in storage tempera ture, shelf life is halved.)

27º to 30ºF
Most of the water content of seafood is converted into ice.

Frozen Storage
0º to –20ºF
Quality of frozen seafoods is maintained. Storage life doubles for every 10°F decrease in temperature.

Quick Frozen
Below –20ºF
Rapid freezing rate.