Local Selection


"If you were an East Coast fish at J.J., where would you be from?"

       Every Customer and Chef has their own interpretation of what is 'Local'. Instead of narrowing the window for you, we want to keep it wide open and allow you to see all of our East Coast Atlantic Fish Selections so you can make your own 'Local' determination.

We will keep this report updated on a regular basis. Please check in frequently!

Local Selections

East Coast Oysters from the Chesapeake to Maine

Blowfish Tails (Fish Pot) - Chesapeake Bay
Black Sea Bass (Hook & Line) - Chesapeake / Rhode Island
Blue Catfish (Haul Seine) - Maryland/Virginia
Crab Meat (Crab Pot) – Maryland/North Carolina/Gulf
Hard Crabs (Crab Pot) – Maryland/Virginia/North Carolina
Frozen Soft Crabs (Crab Pot) – Maryland/Virginia
Snakehead (Lift Nets) - Potomac River *as available
Shucked Oysters (Dredge/Hand Tong) - Chesapeake Bay
Wild Rock Fish (Striped Bass) – New York / Rhode Island / Maryland    

Tautog (Hook & Line) - Massachusetts
Black Bass (Farmed) - Virginia
Clams Farmed/Wild Littleneck/Middleneck (Dredge) - Virginia
Rock Fish Farm Raised (Striped Bass) - North Carolina
White Perch (Pot & Seine) - Great Lakes/Maryland

Bluefish (Trawl) - Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Massachusetts
Cleaned Squid (Trawl) - Rhode Island
Flounder (Trawl) – New Jersey, North Carolina, O.C. Maryland
Hake (Trawl) - Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Massachusetts
Lobsters Live - Maine
Mussels (Wild and Farmed) - Maine
Monk (Gill Net) - Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Massachusetts
Monk Livers -
Special Order - Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Massachusetts
Sea Scallops (Trawl) - New Bedford, Massachusetts
Spanish Mackerel (Nets) – North Carolina
Silver Porgy (Trawl/Hook & Line) -Rhode Island
Skate (Trawl) - Massachusetts