Local Initiative

We find a great sense of joy here at J.J. McDonnell by supporting our local community and resources. We know that our customers feel the same way and that’s why we work tirelessly to bring them the same opportunities, so that they too can connect in ways they didn’t know were possible. We don’t limit ourselves with what we tie our efforts to, we try to help every time we can and truly believe it is part of being a business in this fine state … giving back and supporting those around us.

There are many aspects to our Local Initiative, here are a few:

  • Supporting our local fisheries by constantly sourcing their product and offering it to all of our fine customers. 
  • Supporting the Department of Agriculture in their marketing efforts to raise awareness within the community. 
  • Supporting local charities and non-profit organizations to assist those who need a helping hand.

Check out some examples of how J.J. McDonnell supports the community:

Call and speak to us if you have opportunities you’d like to present to us. We are always open to listen to the ideas our wonderful community brings our way.