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Posting Date: 22-Oct-2020 

Will Call Items:

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Atlantic Salmon, 3-4lb Fillet $8.83/lb SAL229

Atlantic Salmon, 3-4lb Fillet, Skin- Off $9.26/lb SAL219

Chesapeake Bay Blue Catfish, Fillet, 5lb box $7.42/lb CAT305

Mahi, Fillet $15.74/lb MAH360

Monkfish, Fillet Skin-Off, $9.60/lb MON240

Lane Snapper, Fillet $15.50/lb SNA270

MSC Chilean Seabass, Fillet $20.44/lb SBAM30

Red Grouper, Fillet, $18.34/ GRO229

Tuna, #1 Loin, Fresh $16.17/lb TUN271

Tuna, 2+ Loin, Fresh $11.89/lb TUN272



Striped Bass, Fillet, Small, Frozen IVP pack $16.28/lb       WRO413

Striped Bass, Fillet, Medium, Frozen IVP pack $15.87/lb        WRO458

Striped Bass, Fillet, Large, Frozen IVP pack $15.26/lb      WRO418

Ocean Perch, Fillet, Frozen 2lb IVP pack $5.45/lb          OPEIF5

Tilapia, Fillet, 5-7 oz, Frozen 10lb IVP pack $4.45/lb     TIL419

Tilapia, 7-9oz Fillet, Frozen IVP $2.49/each          TILEA8

Pacific Cod, 8oz Portion, Frozen $4.95/each        CODEA8

Haddock, 10-12oz Fillet, Frozen $4.21/each           HADEA1

Mahi, 8oz Skin Off Portion, Frozen IVP $3.85/each        MAHEA8

Keta Salmon, 6oz Portion, Frozen $3.53/each       SALEA6

Sole, 8oz Fillet, Frozen $3.75/each           SOLEA8

Atlantic Salmon, Associated Portions, 2# IVP Frozen $5.45/lb    SAL997


Squid, Tubes & Tentacles, USA, Frozen, 2.5lb bag $9.00/lb SQU409

Squid, Rings, USA, Frozen 10lb bag $9.58/lb                    SQU499

Squid, Rings & Tentacles, USA, Frozen 2.5lb pack $9.13/lb SQU610


Littleneck Clams, 50 ct bag $22.50/ea CLLS50

Blue Mussels, 2lb Bag, $3.93/bag MUS002

Skinny Dipper Oysters, MD, 100-Count, $63.50/box, OYS200

Blackberry Point Oysters, VA, 100-Count Box, $56.75/box, OYS008

Chincoteague Oysters, VA, 100-Count Box, $51.75/box, OYS026

Delaware Bay Oysters, 100-Count, $62.75/box OYS042

Blue Point Oysters, CT 100-Count Box $74.48/box OYS038

Local Wild Oysters, 100-Count Box, $46.75/box OYS180

Live Lobster, 1 lb $11.45/lb LOB143

Live Lobster, 1.25 lb $12.05/lb LOB144

Live Lobster, 1.5 lb $12.55/lb LOB145

5-6oz Lobster Tail, Canada, Frozen $9.90/each LOBEAT

8-10oz Lobster Tail, Canada, Frozen $18.02/each LOBEA8

Lobster Claws & Arms, Scored, 2lb bag $27.50/bag LOBEAC

Lobster Meat, Claw/Knuckle, 2lb pack $57.73/each LOBEAM

Crabmeat Jumbo Lump, Indonesia, Pasteurized, 1lb $26.80/lb JLP068

Crabmeat Lump, Indonesia, Pasteurized, 1lb $16.40/lb RLP068

Tail-On Shrimp, 16-20 count, Peeled & Deveined, 2lb bag $8.22/lb  RTTN16

Tail-On Shrimp, 26-30 count, Peeled & Deveined, 2lb bag $6.87/lb  RTTN26

Shell-On Shrimp, 26-30 count, Texas Brown, 5lb box $7.12/lb       TP2630

Shell-On Shrimp, 16-20 count, Texas Brown, 5lb box $8.97/lb         TP1620

Fresh Shrimp, USA $11.00/lb          FRS020



Smoked Mackrel, 6oz, Frozen, $5.47/each    SMM907

Winter Harbor Smoked Salmon Pre-Sliced Side, 3-4lbs, Frozen, $15.50/lb   SMWHF1