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Due In at J.J. McDonnell


Here you will find our list of FRESH product
at J.J. McDonnell!

This is not a list of our staple items; this is a list of items you might not normally think we had in stock!
Keep coming back and checking in often, the list will always be changing!
Please understand that quantities we bring in are not unlimited. Each sale is subject to current availability.
Due In:

‍Bass,Black (Trawl) –RI, MA, MD

Atlantic Red Grouper (longline) - Mexico

Bass Black (Trawl) – RI, MA, MD

Black Grouper (Hook & Line) - Panama

Blue Catfish (SeineNets/Pots) - VA/MD

Bronzini –Greece & Turkey

Catfish, Blue (SeineNets/Pots) - Chesapeake Bay, VA/Maryland

Char -Iceland

‍Cod Loin & fillet (Long Line) - Iceland

Flounder (Trawl) - Point Judith, RI

Golden Tile - Galveston, Texas

Grouper, Black (Hook & Line) - Panama

Grouper, Red/Atlantic (longline) - Mexico

Grouper, Red/Pacific (Longline) - Costa Rica

Haddock Fillet (Fresh) - USA

Halibut, Atlantic  & Pacific (Long line)–Canada, Petersburg, AK

Mahi (Longline) - Ecuador

Monk (Trawl)- Boston

Pacific Red Grouper (Longline) - Costa Rica

‍Porgy (trawl) – New England

Reddrum(Farmed) - Texas

Salmon, European (Farm Raised) - Norway

Salmon, Superior Fresh(Land Based) - USA

Salmon, Verlasso (Verlasso ASC) - Chile

Skate Wings (Trawl)– New England

Snapper, B-liner (Hook& Line) – USA

Snapper, Rose/Pacific Lane(Hook & Line) - Panama

Snapper, Yellowtail - Mexico

Snapper, Red(Hook & Line) – USA

Spanish Mackerel (Hook& Line) - Florida

Steelhead, Scottish (Ocean pen raised) - Scottland

Striped Bass, Pacifico (Ocean net pens) -Mexico

Striped Bass, Wild (Netcaught) – VA/MD

Striped Bass/Hybrid Rock (Farmed)- Texas

Swordfish –USA, Ecuador & Panama

Tuna, Bluefin (Longline) - Wanchese, NC

Tuna, Yellowfin (Longline) – USA, Barbados, Panama

Special Orders:

48 - 72 hr. pre-order:

Live Sea Scallops
- MA
Uni Trays
- Peru 
Live Soft-shell Clams
Duxbury Butter Clams
- MA
Cherrystone & Chowder Clams
Fryer Clams
- MA
Minced Clams & ClamStrips
- RI
Manila Clams
- WA
Cockles - NZL
Variety of West Coast Oysters

7 day pre-order:

Razor Clams - Netherlands
Krijn Gigas Oysters - Netherlands
True European Flat Oysters - Netherlands


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