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September 25, 2023
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Tucked away in a remote enclave of the Chesapeake Bay in Southern MD lies the picture perfect location of True Chesapeake Oyster Co. The shallow lagoon, known as St. Jerome’s Creek is home to ideal oyster breeding conditions with its brackish, near perfect waters. Grown from spat, Skinny Dipper, Huckleberry and Chunky Dunkers have been perfected and stand as a high end oyster among their loyal fans. An exclusive to JJ McDonnell, our partnership with True Chesapeake ensures we receive the freshest oysters available. It’s time to experience this trio of fantastic oysters if you have not already.

Product of Point Judith, RI
4+#, large, whole
Product of Boston, MA
Large, Skin-off, fillet
Product of Point Judith, RI
Large, skin-off, fillet
Coho Salmon
Product of Wrangell and Petersburg, AK
Wild, fillet
King Salmon
Product of Neah Bay, WA
Wild, fillet
Smoked Eel
Product of Waldoboro, ME
Fillet, 6 oz. retail pack
Crab and Garlic Steamer Bag
Product of North Carolina
Frozen to microwave
Shrimp Creole Steamer Bag
Product of North Carolina
Frozen to microwave
Violet Cove Oysters
Product of Moriches Bay, NY
100 ct.
West Island Oysters
Product of Nasketucket Bay, MA
100 ct.
Orchard Point Oysters
Product of Eastern Bay, MD
100 ct.
Tinned Cockles in Brine
Product of Galicia, Spain
4oz. tin
Tinned Squid Pieces in Ink
Product of Galicia, Spain
4oz tin
Claw Crabmeat
Product of Venezuela
Frozen, crab pot caught
Prime Soft Crabs
Product of Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina
Crab Pots, frozen
Cooked Shrimp
Product of Vietnam
21-25 Peeled & Deveined, Tail on, IQF 5x2# bag
Brown Shrimp
Product of Mexico
21-25 Peeled and Deveined, tail-on, 15 x 2#, IQF bag
White Shrimp
Product of USA
150/UP, peeled and undeveined, Tail off, 10x5# block


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