Product Traceability

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Traceability has become a very important issue over the years. Whether it’s come about because of product misrepresentation in the industry or because consumers are more intrigued; the topic of traceability is here and isn’t going anywhere.
We understand that consumers want information at their fingertips. We understand that they want to make sure they are ‘paying for what they get’, who doesn’t? If you order Mahi, it better be Mahi and not Grouper! How can you be sure? The first step is making sure you’re buying seafood from a company you can trust. J.J. McDonnell has built their reputation on being a company with open doors that makes information readily available and accessible to our customers. We want them to feel confident and comfortable with the purchases they make. This is why we go to great lengths to provide detailed product information, to align ourselves with trusted seafood vendors (A fine example would be Gulf Wild) and partner with programs across the world that connect the dots from boat to plate.

J.J. McDonnell employs high traceability standards for each of its products to know what is happening in their supply chain. Upon receipt of product lot numbers are assigned and entered into a database. As product is pulled from inventory for an order the database can be used to see which lot is being sent to each customer. Using this system, product can be traced from vendor to customer easily. Other data that is entered into the system upon receipt is transferred to the individual customer shipping labels. Nearly all of our customer shipping labels have QR codes on them to allow easy access to product information for chefs and consumers!

J.J. McDonnell runs biannual mock recalls, which are internal exercises to test our company’s ability to trace and recall product using our documented traceability and recall plan. The mock recall exercise is completed, with documentation, to ensure the traceability/recall systems work and all parties within the organization know what to do. We strive to have initial notification to all customers involved with affected product within three hours of our notification of a product recall and to obtain 100% reconciliation of all implicated lots!

J.J. McDonnell also utilizes Trace Register. Trace Register is a web-based, on-demand application that can be used by producers, buyers, marketers, and regulators alike. It functions as an independent, third-party “registry” into which product source and traceability information is entered, secured, and shared among companies throughout the supply chain. It overlays the physical supply chain with an “information supply chain” that connects all trading partners. Information from J.J. McDonnell’s database can be automatically uploaded to a customer’s Trace Register account.
J.J. McDonnell is also Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified. MSC Certified products allow for an even deeper level of traceability. These certified products can be traced back to the individual fisherman and boats they were caught


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