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Anything is possible, so give us a call!
J.J. McDonnell has grown quite a lot since it first originated. Back in the day customers came to us to get their products! Now thousands of satisfied customers receive our quality fresh and frozen seafood from our spectacular trucks. Our fleet covers a wide delivery area that spans from Richmond, Va. to Hagerstown, Md. and from Culpeper, Va. to Havre De Grace, Md. Our logistics team strategically plans each route to ensure that our product makes it to your door as fresh and quickly as possible. J.J. McDonnell uses state of the art Temperature Controlled trucks to deliver our Seafood Products from our dock to your door! We currently operate 24 trucks a day that expedite our fresh and frozen products around the region. Our Routing and Vehicle Monitoring Software enables us to keep an eye on our product and drivers and also allows us to measure our efficiency. We utilize the data this software sends us (Speed, Stop/Start, GPS, Vehicle Maintenance Warnings, Temperature, etc.) to constantly increase the efficiency of our logistics operation.
Our delivery area is not set in stone, it can’t be.
We’re always growing and are more than happy to work with customers to try and get product to your location. Don’t let the range deter you from enjoying our wonderful seafood, call and speak with a representative of the company who will do their best to assist you and meet your needs. We’ve worked with customers around the US to send them our product, whether by Fed Ex or Air Freight! Anything is possible, so give us a call!
We currently deliver product Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All orders must be placed before midnight the day before requested delivery.


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