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Hiramasa (50lbs Case) - Farm Raised in Mexico  

Spotted Rose Snapper –Farm Raised in Costa Rica

Whitefish, Seasonal (50lb case) – Great Lakes, CAN

Paiche (50lb case) - Farm Raised

Pacu Ribs (50lb case) - Farm Raised  

Retail Bagged Live Oysters or Clams – Farm Raised USA/CAN

Pacific Oysters – Farm Raised USA/CAN/NZL

Shucked Oyster Quarts –USA Wild

Live Bay Scallops (10lb case) – New England, USA/CAN Wild  

Live Bay Scallops (100ct bag) – Snow Hill, MD Farm Raised 

Live Sea Scallops (10lb case) - USA Wild   

Live Uni (10lb Case) - USA Wild    

Uni Trays (60g) - USA Wild - Maine    

Razor Clams (10lbs Bag) - USA Wild    

Soft-Shell Clams (10lbs Bag) - USA Wild  

Shucked Soft-Shell Clams(4lb tub) – USA Wild 

Manila Clams (10lbs Bag) - USA West Coast FarmRaised    

Cockles (10lbs Bag) - New Zealand Farm Raised   

Cherrystone & Chowder Clams (100ct Bag) -USA Wild    

Fresh Clam Strips (Gallon) - USA Wild 

Live Mussels (2lb Retail pk) – Canadian Organics

Raft-Raised Mussels (10lb Foodservice pk) – S. Bristol& MDI, ME

Smoked Haddock (20lbcase) – Smoked in Annapolis, MD

Smoked Wahoo (25lb case) –Smoked in Florida

Smoked Black Cod (2.25lb case) – Smoked in NY

Smoked Whiting (2.25lb case) – Smoked in NY

Smoked Whitefish; wholefish, meat, or salad (10lb case) – Smoked in NY

Smoked Herring (in Wine,Cream, Dill, Matjes, or Roll Mop) – Canned in NY

Escargot (12/6doz per case) – France

Bottarga (Mullet, Cod, or Tuna) – USA, Norway, or Spain


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