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J.J. McDonnell is located in Elkridge, MD. In 2016, after over 30 years in the Jessup Wholesale Seafood Market, we built a facility that is highly advanced so to meet the food business needs of today and beyond. Our goal in the buildout was to receive, store, and process under the safest and cleanest conditions with a focus on preserving the integrity of the foods we carry.
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Our facility affords us the ability to do a lot of things for our customers:
  • Our cutting room is built to handle everything from high volume orders to boutique custom style cuts. We process over 3 Million pounds of fish a year behind these doors for our customers, each slice getting the same tender care as the next one.
  • Our on-site freezer has room to hold well over 200 pallets of product. This enables us to opportunistically purchase and hold product to put our customers ahead of the market. You are always well taken care of here!
  • We have the ability to store large amounts of live product in one of our newly designed coolers. Whether it's oysters, crabs, clams, lobsters and more ... we have it for you!
  • Our cascade lobster system can handle the volume and quality that our customers desire. Our lobster system extends from Atlantic Canada and Portland Maine to our facility here in Elkridge! Through partnerships, we secure and hold product during the seasons, drawing from inventory as needed. When our product arrives from our strategic partners it enters into our newly designed 7,500 lb self-contained system that is ready to hold any specification and order of lobster you can imagine.
  • We pride ourselves on being a clean and above code operation. Our Quality Assurance team keeps our facility on the cutting edge!


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