Health of Seafood

Safe, Healthy and the Right Choice!
Health of Seafood
Seafood is SAFE!
Seafood is HEALTHY!
Seafood is the RIGHT CHOICE!
This may be one of the best parts about working in the seafood industry; we are selling a healthy product! It’s exciting to be able to promote and serve thousands of people with food options that provide so many health benefits.
A big hurdle our industry faces is convincing the public that Seafood truly is healthy, because there are many ‘myths’ and uninformed assumptions made about seafood that paints the product in a bad light. J.J. McDonnell has partnered with (National Fisheries Institute) and works tirelessly to provide facts and information to our customers to inform them of the benefits of eating seafood. We keep our customers up to date on the scientific studies and breakthroughs that bring truth to the surface and give them confidence in serving seafood to their patrons.

The USDA recommends that you make seafood the main protein on your plate at least twice a week! Are you doing that? Studies show you are not. Why? Seafood is a nutrient rich source of vitamins, protein and minerals that you should not be missing in your diet. It is low in calories, saturated fat and total fat. Eating seafood is good for your brain, your heart and your mind.

Did you know that currently Americans eat, on average, only 15 lbs. of seafood each year, compared to 110 lbs. of red meat and 73 lbs. of poultry? Shockingly, the North American diet contains the second-lowest percentage of fish in the world (7%) while the 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend 20% of the protein we eat should be seafood? What are we doing! Time to wake up and smell the Seafood! We should be listening to the experts. 
Time to study the facts and start making the Right Choice!
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