Quality Assurance

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J.J. McDonnell’s Quality Assurance Department ensures that our customers get the highest quality seafood possible.
We have developed and maintain a stringent HACCP plan and monitor our Critical control points (CCP’s) continually. Food safety is our highest concern and we have many programs in place to provide the safest food possible.
Our programs include:
Pest Control
Environmental Testing
Chemical Control
Glass & Brittle Plastic Control
Metal Control
Wood Control
and More...
Our product quality is checked regularly against J.J. McDonnell’s specifications and our customer requirements. Whether it’s product ‘cuttings’, completing our scheduled cycle counts or performing Microbiological testing , we are constantly making sure that the product we purchase holds up to the standards and specifications we demand. We only source product from suppliers who successfully go through our approval process (HACCP Certification, Letter of Liability Insurance and Self-Assessment).

Quality documentation and information (HACCP Letters, Parasite Destruction Statements, and Test Results) are always available to our customers upon request!

We ensure compliance and continual improvement of our employees with internal audits, inspections and employee training programs. Our Quality Assurance Team is always available to answer any questions you might have.
More information on HACCP: https://www.fda.gov/
More information on GFSI: https://mygfsi.com/


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